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Volunteer Opportunities

Looking to get more involved in CEC? Know someone who is interested? Not sure where to start? Consider nominations for the NYSCEC Member At-Large positions!


WHO: 2 At-Large Member positions

HOW LONG: Two-year commitment

WHAT: Primary responsibilities include serving as member representatives to the Board, providing a voice for constituents in decisions related to property, affairs, and the general business of the unit. At-Large members get a vote in all matters related to the Board of Directors.

WHEN: The Board of Directors meets at least three times per year, but can be called to meet more often by the President. typically held in coordination with the Annual Business Meeting, in March to discuss elections and review nominations, and in the summer following the start of the next terms of office (July-August).

YOUR STEPS: Submit name, resume/vitae and a small bio for posting on the website by September 30th. Elections will be held through the first 2 weeks of October, with positions announced October 21st. Self-nominations are accepted.

Nominations accepted through Google forms:

Last Updated:  22 September, 2022

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